Biological Information

Sz: 1.1 m. | 3’ 7” (at shoulder)
Wt: 73 kg. | 161 lbs.
Loc: The Outcropping
Tpt: Predatory
Prd: Kiindem, Xiruen
Var: Superficial Variations in Spikes

  1. Caring For Unee
  2. Dangerous Lizards Among the Sand
  3. Survey: Moisture of Pan Arbnhap

Xiruens hunt and kill urgai predominantly as pest control. In unee-raising settlements, urgai are often found seeking out isolated and young unee as easy targets.1 Otherwise, urgai can be found infrequently while traveling across deserts.2 

The etymology of the species’ name is not as clear as other fauna but it is known that it comes from their tactic of burrowing or hiding in the sand to attract prey. 

Urgai are distinctive among reptiles in The Outcropping, with large hind legs that enable them to spring out of the sand, a tail nearly half their length, and spike-like bone protrusions that mimic mineral deposits that grow from their back and crown.2 The species mainly prey on isolated pack animals such as aisanee and unee though they themselves are solitary creatures. Mating is the only time urgai have been spotted in close proximity to each other, and a female will lay two to five eggs over the course of a roughly 15 years, with each egg several years apart.2 

Urgai are seen in arid deserts with large amounts of sand and mineral deposits, they have not been seen in coastal or cold deserts.3 While they do prey on fauna that inhabit these climates, it is assumed the lack of sand and minerals presents a lack of opportunity for predation.