Biological Information

Sz: 35-75 cm. | 5-22” (at spine)
Wt: 5-22 kg. | 11-50 lbs.
Loc: Pale Shores
Tpt: Social
Prd: Bapuva, Whyr


Cranipxum are among the hardiest of Pale Shores’ creatures, having been seen burrowing into riverbeds, thriving in woodlands, and moving into avoc settlements.2 In some corners of Avotoc-Space the animals are hunted for their furs, though it should be noted this practice is not widespread.1

Cranipxum comes from the Aevot words “cromiet”, “pum”, and “anipx” meaning “eat”, “with”, and “hands” respectively. Small opposable thumbs on their front paws make it possible to eat and to grab food much like the Sentient Species do.2

In addition to their notable thumbs, the species also has highly variable—near the point of individual—face markings.2 These are usually lighter patches of fur, but other colours have been seen as well. Patches of the female’s fur along the sides of the neck grow notably long early warming season, indicating she is ready to mate.2 Cranipxum are well-documented omnivores, eating everything from small bugs, to fish, and avoc food-waste.3 Most cranipxum live in one of two groups in the area: a territorial group of females which communally raise newborns, and groups of non-related males that wander between female territories. Though females tend to live longer than males, all cranipxum that have adapted to live away from their natural predators and live amongst avocs have seen significantly longer lifespans approaching 20 years.3 

Cranipxum are known to thrive in the woodlands between the seas and mountains, though they have been seen burrowing into the soft soils of riverbanks.2 They are eaten by bapuva throughout the year as the two animals drift based on the weather, and are hunted by some species of whyr in warm seasons near the seas.