Biological Information

25-40 cm. | 10-15 in.1-2 kg. | 2-4 lbs.2-5 yearsInsects, small birds


The OutcroppingSkittishEpbee, Eeniimar

“Sudamin” comes from the Barzaac word for stripe, “suda”. Sudamin are dark brown to mahogany with light gray underparts, with a distinct black and white ringed tail which is about the same length as its body. They have claws on all four paws which are short and retractable, perfect for climbing. They have a pointed muzzle, much like an extremely large mouse and large ears to help it pick up sounds of insects just under the dirt.

Biology and Behavior

Their diet consists mostly of insects, but they will kill and eat fishing birds when in season. However, they have been observed eating fruit and nectar when available. Sudamin are primarily nocturnal, with large eyes and upright ears that make it easier for them to navigate and forage in the dark. It uses its long tail for balance, and is a proficient climber. The rings on its tail can also act as a distraction for predators. The white rings act as a target, so when the tail rather than the body is caught, the ringtail has a greater chance of escaping.
Sudamin seem to prefer solitary lifestyles, but have been seen in groups as large as 20, grooming and raising young. When sudamin group, there is one dominant female, and a small group of mature males who fight to be her mate, along with a number of mature females looking to mate with the non-alpha male and their offspring. Males and females in a group who are not the dominant pair will likely split from the group within a year of not mating.


In areas with plentiful water such as Pan Arbnhap, there can be up to 80 sudamin per 4 sq. km. Otherwise, adult male and female territories can cover anywhere from 4-25 sq. km. The main predator of the sudamin is the epbee, though exclusively in Pan Arbnhap, Sudamin are killed by eeniimar who pretend to protect them from epbee. They are commonly found in rocky deserts found over much of The Outcropping where they nest underneath rock structures or in hollowed out trees.

Interaction with Omneuttians

Sudamin are extremely skittish creatures, fleeing from any contact with xiruens, likely due to their size and large vibration on the ground. It is unclear whether lighter or smaller Sentient Species would have more favorable contact with the animal.