Biological Information

Sz: 20-45 cm. | 10-15” (when standing)
Wt: 1-2 kg. | 2-4 lbs.
Loc: The Outcropping
Tpt: Skittish
Prd: Epbee, Eeniimar

  1. Survey: Moisture of Pan Arbnhap
  2. Caring For Unee

Due to their sizable populations, most research on the sudamin has come from attempting to study other fauna or other features of The Outcropping. They are extremely skittish creatures and will flee xiruens who walk within half a kilmometer, but still xiruens and other omneuttians have had success in getting sudamin to approach them.1

The Barzaac word for stripe is “suda”, indicating the species was likely named for its tails. in Pan Arbnhap their diet can consist of fruits and as they eat the flowers they can pollenate across the area.1

Most notable for their black and white ringed tail nearly the same length as their body, the small creatures also have claws on each limb to aid it in climbing up small trees.1 Their large ears also help them hear insects just underground. Sudamin eat mostly insects, though they will eat fruit and nectar when available in Pan Arbnhap. When in season they have also been seen eating fishing birds though it is unclear if they killed the fowl.

Many have been observed in solitary lifestyles, but groups as large as 20 have been noted where the groups exist to groom each other and raise young.1 Within the groups there is one dominant female, a small group of mature males who fight to mate, and a number of mature females looking to mate with males not chosen.1 It is not known what happens to the offspring of the non-dominant pair.

In Pan Arbnhap, the species is exclusively prey to eeniimar who pretend to protect them from epbee, who are their normal predators throughout The Outcropping.1 Though the avoidance of epbee is displayed by all sudamin, it is unclear why the behavior of trusting eeniimar persists.