Biological Information

Sz: 63-75 cm. | 25-30” (head to tail)
Wt: 2-4 kg. | 4-9 lbs.
Loc: The Outcropping
Tpt: Skittish
Prd: Aisanee, Eeniimar

  1. Caring For Unee
  2. Survey: Moisture of Pan Arbnhap

The small reptiles are considered to be a nuisance around The Outrcopping due to their consumption of grasses that xiruens grow for Unee.1 Wildlife biologists have seen them in greater numbers across Pan Arbnhap than xiruens report seeing them elsewhere, likely due to the increase in vegetation available.2 The species are extremely skittish, though Omneuttians smaller than xiruens have been able to get closer than local reports suggest possible.2

Epbee easily translates from Barzacc as “finned lizard”. Their “fin” splits in two where their spine becomes the tail, and they have another uncoloured protrusion at the rear of their heads. Epbee are omnivorous, though they eat mostly grasses and thin-rooted plants.2 Epbee are crepescular, with activity peaking at first and last light of the day.1

Epbee are seen frequently in Pan Arbnhap and are spread across all of The Outcropping. One of few animals in Xiruen-Space that eat predominantly vegetation, though they have been seen eating insects and small birds.1 However, in Pan Arbnhap there are limited observations of epbee diving into water in order to prey upon fish, though why they do so in areas of abundant vegetation is unclear.2