Biological Information

Sz: 2 m. | 6′ 6″ (head to tail)
Wt: 60-130 kg. | 132-286 lbs.
Loc: Pan Arbnhap
Tpt: Predatory
Prd: Aisanee

  1. Survey: Moisture of Pan Arbnhap

Eeniimar are only found in Pan Arbnhap and as such their interaction with Omneuttians is rare. Access to Pan Arbnhap through local Xiruen Realms is hard to come by; most Omneuttians beyond local xiruens and wildlife researchers know of their existence.1

The species is notable for the scales; the Barzacc word for scale is “eenii”. Reports from locals suggest that eeniimar are crucial to keeping populations of two reptiles in the area from overpopulating.1 A sizable population indicates health of the area’s watery supply and as such is used as a gauge by locals.1

Their scales cover the backs of their body from the crown of their head to between their tail flippers. Eeniimar are omnivores and eat fish, mammals, and reptiles. While they tend to live in packs, both mature males and females have been seen displaying hostility to young that are not theirs.1

Eeniimar seek out fish in the deep rivers of Pan Arbnhap, though they do not venture to the regions that have cold seasons including semi-humid climates.1