Biological Information

Sz: 46-78 cm. | 18-31” (at shoulder)
Wt: 30-57 kg. | 65-125 lbs.
Loc: The Blade
Tpt: Territorial
Prd: None
Var: Seasonal Coats

  1. Torn Asunder
  2. Children of the Shadows

Contact for any Omneuttian with a broiska is unadvisable. The animals are highly aggressive towards any threat to their territory, and though they do not eat any Omneuttians, they will kill to use a rotting corpse as bait for their prey.1 It is widely known across The Blade that a broiska will dismember Sha’an to attract their prey.1

The literal translation of the species in Jazta is “giant tail”, which is apt for one of few mammals in Omneutta whose tail is nearly as long as their body. The largest animal in The Blade, when adults stand on their hind legs they are roughly as tall as a shani.1 Some shani believe that their aggressive territorial defense is a reminder from Sham’ayn to not stray too far from the safety of civilization.2

No matter the seasonal coat, they have tufts of white fur that grow from several places on their bodies. These hairs can be raised and fanned as a warning sign.1 The annual coat is a charcoal, the wet-season coat is a deeper brown, and the plateau or highlands coat is a tan. Broiska have been seen to change between annual and wet-season coats, but it is unknown at this time whether the plateau/highlands coat is a sub-species or not.1

Entirely solitary and asexual animals, broiska will reproduce one or two pups at the end of their lives with the process beginning a few months before they die a natural death around 16 years of age. The large insects attracted to the decomposing body of the parent are the first meal for young broiska, and the birth itself is one of few times shani are willing to attack the animals by themselves.2