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Not much is known about the origin of the Reykata. However, it is known to the shani that they are connected to Rey’ynar in some fashion. They travel through and from portals that have been identified as his magik, and have been spotted with his marking on their bodies as well, whether this proves they are his creation or that he is their ruler is unknown.

Invasion of The Blade

Beginning as late as 920 A.T., Reykata were spotted throughout The Blade after sickly-looking Sha’an appeared from seemingly nowhere. These initial Reykata have not been seen since Rey’ynar took over Sha’an-Space in 931 A.T.. Until that point, Reykata appeared to function semi-cohesively to decimate the Sha’an population. After, the Reykata have been used as a military force by Rey’ynar, and The Blade seems to be his training ground for them.


Despite having diverse physiology, Reykata share a number of defining traits that make them appear as a cohesive species. These traits include large (relative to the head and or body) white eyes, a pronounced pointed lower jaw, a number of bone-like sponge structures that connect each part of their body, and the swirling black patterns that appear on each of their bodies despite different colourations of their skin.
The bone-like sponge structures are of particular note, as they have been documented to rejoin if cut, and can enable several races of Reykata to perform acrobatic and athletic feats in addition to appearing to be the basis for their locomotion. The structures appear to be part cartilage, part muscle, part bone, and able to reattach itself if severed given enough time and relative proximity.


Despite the variety in physiology, most Reykata attack the same way: physical force. This can vary from shredding targets with claws, smushing and smashing targets against hard objects, squeezing, or by brute force of limb or jaw.
Reykata are known to have a physical hierarchy, the most physically imposing Reykata leads a group, whether this means giving directions or being the first—or last—to charge into battle. Their strength usually comes in numbers, with the swirling patterns on their bodies helping to hide this advantage until it is too late. When no large Reykata is present, a Pacer wielding a staff, shield, or other item is usually in charge.


It is unknown whether Reykata have a name for themselves—there is nothing to suggest full sentience in the species—or whether Rey’ynar has a name for them. In an effort to be able to discuss the Reykata in a decisive matter, those who have survived the Reykata attacks have named them after actions considered characteristic and simple to discern, and are grouped by similar actions and appearances.
Grunts are named due not only to the guttural sounds they often make, but due to their numbers and presence in nearly every Reykata attack. Their variety in locomotion and weaponry makes them function as a utility tool of the entire species. Creepers are Reykata that move along the ground on multiple legs—not facultative quadrupeds—and usually stay low to the ground until they attack their target, often leaping up quickly. Flyers are aptly named as their main form of locomotion is through the air, whether due to wings or some other way to travel through the air. Boomers are named for their weight; when they move the ground goes boom. Survivors are a generalized class composed of Reykata that appear to have adapted to specific climates. Though Survivors may look or act like other groups of Reykata, their adaptation to their specific environment groups them together. Birthers are Reykata who appear to ‘give birth’ to other Reykata and are the only races whose individual origins are currently known.


GruntHas the same name as the grouping as it generally seems to be the basis as which the other Reykata of the group are based upon. While others rely on weaponry or speed, the Grunt can run on two legs or four straight at you, using brute force to kill its target.
ShrugLarger Grunts with extended arms and shortened legs, Shrugs are often found lagging behind faster Reykata but can wrap up all but Xiruen in their grasp and slowly squeeze them to death. Shrugs have been seen in exceedingly large sizes, and no matter their size Reykata have been known to retreat behind them as they can function as impenetrable walls.
SprinterAt first glance—or from a distance—may appear to just be a Grunt, but Sprinters carry a larger weight with them being key to knock you over. They also have much larger arms than Grunts, most easily visible up close with which they knock their targets over after building up momentum via their speed.
PacerVisually nondistinct from Grunts, however they usually carry some type of item, whether a a shield or staff. Those with staffs are usually in commands of groups of Reykata that don’t have a Boomer or other large Reykata, and ones with shields are just behind them in rank.


ScuttlerWith single segment legs like the Crawler, these Reykata function as much slower Scuttlers, but with far more weight. Sporting a large tail and an even larger center of gravity, they move suddenly and close to the ground, taking targets legs out from under them if they are large, and pinning them down with their weight for other Reykata if small.
CrawlerCrawlers are likely the most odd looking of the common Reykata. They use their multi-segmented neck to lurch out and nip at the legs of other Reykata’s targets, in mostly a support role. Crawlers are too small and slow to take on many things on their own.
LurcherFunctioning similar to the Sprinter, Lurchers use momentum to knock their targets onto the ground. Lurchers build this momentum not by sprinting but instead by thrusting their back legs.
ScamperScampers are similar to a Scuttler sized Crawler. While not as mobile as the Scuttlers–due to their smaller and single segmented legs–they can move quickly and knock out targets legs with their large tails.


BounderBounders leap over other Reykata, climb to high places, and use their large expanse of skin to glide down to attack new targets. Their many segments and small form enable them to climb over other Reykata, or through smaller enclosures in the buildings they climb.
HopperLarger versions of Bounders with less segments. Because their skin is a more uniform shape and generally larger, they can glide longer distances and times.
PouncerThe only known Reykata capable of actual flight, as opposed to gliding. Though they have wings and are shaped like dragons of several Earth mythologies, their wings are thin and not steady enough to maintain extended flight. Instead, Pouncers jump and flap to a height similar to what a Bounder or Hopper would jump down from, and then glide down to pounce on their target.


HobblerHobblers are able to run quickly enough to be a battering ram of sorts, plowing over several targets or able to knock down poor fortifications. This enables other Reykata to move in swiftly behind them.
WobblerThe largest known Reykata; Wobblers move too slow to serve as a battering ram as the Hobblers do. Instead they are deployed partially as shields due to their ability to withstand significant damage, and partially as a disorienting force as ground is shaken by the sheer weight of them moving.