The Sha’an are a historically disjunct society of biped canids who have over time both overcome and furthered their self-isolation. They possess some control of magik abilities innately, and those who are able to control this magik without the adequate cultural or societal aid tend to dominate whatever region of The Blade or period of Sha’an history they live in.

Biographical Information
Homeworld Plural Language Lifespan
Unknown, The Blade Shani Jazt’a 65 years
Physical Information
Average Height Average Weight Distinctions Skin Colour Eye Colour Hair Colour
1.85 meters
6’ 1″
86 kg.
190 lbs.
Pointed Ears, Thick Short Tail Black Black, Crimson Dark Red


Unlike every other Sentient Species, the Sha’an were created by Aster and Sham’ayn with no species-wide purpose. As a result, they were left to their own devices, which has repeatedly led to them to collapsing civilization.


Just under 2 meters, the Sha’an are slightly shorter on average than the Turath. Like the Turath, the Sha’an also sport tails, though the Sha’an tails are more bushy, shorter and wider. Their appearance is also more canine, unlike the Turath who take on more of a feline appearance. Part of their magical abilities that some Sha’an can harness is the ability to shape-shift into other living beings. This is not limited to the Sentient Species, but the change is aesthetic. A Sha’an that takes on the appearance of a Quarryn for instance will not be able to manipulate any geology or plant life, nor would a Sha’an appearing as a Poria be able to manipulate fire.


Main Article: Sha’an Culture

Sha’an culture in and of itself almost does not exist. Every few decades, there is some semblance of culture and community when one Sha’an or a group of Sha’an attempt to unite the species. However, all attempts thus far of unification have failed, and Sha’an all across The Blade live in dystopia , if they live in a community at all. Their technological advancement varies as a result. Some cities can have many tall, elegant skyscrapers while others can live in shanty-towns, though due to lack of continuous infrastructure all buildings eventually fall into disrepair.


Main Article: Sha’an-Space

The Blade is full of signs of civilzations of yesteryear; abandoned dwellings and partially-destroyed landscapes cover Sha’an-Space. Many aspects of The Blade are falling apart or in disrepair, including many planet-stars themselves.