Sha’an (Shah-ahn)

The  Sha’an exist in largely on an individual basis. They do possess some control of magical abilities innately, but without any cultural focus, it is easy for the magic to become corrupt or faulty. Those who can control their magic largely dominate whatever region or section of Sha’an they reside in.


Average Height 1.85 meters
6′ 1″
Average Weight 86 kg.
190 lbs.
Distinctions Pointed Ears
Thick Short Tail
Skin Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Dark Red
Races None

Just under 2 meters, the Sha’an are slightly shorter on average than the Turath. Like the Turath, the Sha’an also sport tails, though the Sha’an tails are more bushy, shorter and wider. Their appearance is also more canine, unlike the Turath who take on more of a feline appearance. Part of their magical abilities that some Sha’an can harness is the ability to shape-shift into other living beings. This is not limited to the Sentient Species, but the change is aesthetic. A Sha’an that takes on the appearance of a Quarryn for instance will not be able to manipulate any geology or plant life, nor would a Sha’an appearing as a Poria be able to manipulate fire.


Plural Shani
Language Jazt’a
Homeworld The Blade
Average Lifespan 65 years
Notable Members Rey’ynar

Sha’an culture in and of itself almost does not exist. Every few decades, there is some semblance of culture and community when one Sha’an or a group of Sha’an attempt to unite the species. However, all attempts thus far of unification have failed, and Sha’an all across The Blade live in dystopia , if they live in a community at all. Their technological advancement varies as a result. Some cities can have many tall, elegant skyscrapers while others can live in shanty-towns, though due to lack of continuous infrastructure all buildings eventually fall into disrepair.


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