Biological Information

Sz: 1.2-1.5 m. | 47-59” (head to tail)
Wt: 10-40 kg. | 22-88 lbs.
Loc: The Blade
Tpt: Predatory
Prd: Sha’an

  1. Report: Locally Extinct Taruciil
  2. Torn Asunder

Hunted to extinction on several planet-stars, the taruciil is not a species normally dangerous to Omneuttians, though they can be lethal at times.1,2

Taruciil are the main predators of The Blade’s waters by scooping up fish in their mouths, and are animals whose shells are used as both trophies and armour by the shani. The name comes from Jazt’a and is likely a portmanteau of the words for “hard” and “lizard”.

Their most notable feature are the large shells, though unlike other shelled creatures they cannot retreat inside. Their other interesting feature are their mouths, wide and deep and the large tongue-like muscle used to push fish into the serrated roof of their mouth. Taruciil mainly prey on fish, though they have been known to kill other animals who attempt to eat fish though they rarely eat them.2 Solitary animals for roughly half their 30-40 year lifespans, they will pair up for life to mate. The female will build a nest out of vegetation and mud and lay 10 to 25 eggs under more layers.1 After 90 days the eggs will hatch, though most are killed by predators before reaching the water.1

The majority of taruciil have been observed away from shani settlements in woodland areas near fast flowing water.1 However, for decades it has been known among shani that the slow or still waters used to farm often hide taruciil.1