Biological Information

Sz: 2.1m. | 6’ 10” (standing)
Wt: 120 kg. | 265 lbs.
Loc: The Outcropping
Tpt: Territorial
Prd: None

  1. Dangerous Lizards Among the Sand

Not much is known about the vaaakoiz, and their encounters with xiruens are rare. Most knowledge comes from studies of skeletons picked bare passed down through oral tradition. Some firsthand knowledge has been obtained, though close study of the fauna is non-existant.1 

Whether or not the species is related to the daekoiz is unclear, though unlikely. An old tale in Xiruen-Space is that a Rex traveling back from Parallelium believed upon observing a vaaakoiz for the first time that this was the case.1 No documentation of such an observance exists, but it is clear that the species’ name is not made up of any known words of phrases in Barzacc, but is instead a partial phonetic substitution of daekoiz.

It is not known what the spikes adorning the body and tail of the vaakoiz are used for, and they are speculated to be vestigial defenses. It is not completely known what the species eats to survive or how long they live, but limited observations suggest they burrow into rocks to ambush other fauna in The Outcropping’s coldest regions.1