Biological Information

2.1 m. | 6’ 10″ 120 kg. | 265 lbs.100+ yearsCarnivorous


The OutcroppingTerritorialNone

The baaakoiz may be distantly related to the daekoiz, but this is unlikely. The name itself comes from a Xiruen Rux having traveled to Parallelium and seeing a daekoiz, and encountering a vaaakoiz for the first time on her return. The two animals share a similar profile, having large hunched figures, short forearms with claws, long tails, and otherwise being lizards with what appear to be the beaks of birds. Unlike the daekoiz, the vaaakoiz is adorned with vestigial spikes, likely remnants of an ancestral defense from predators.

Biology and Behavior

Unlike the daekoiz, the vaaakoiz cannot and does not eat lava. It is able to break the rocks of The Outcropping with its beak and front claws, and uses this to make homes very similar to how the Xiruen do, but it is not currently known whether they eat the rocks. Because of its size and cold blood, it is rarely seen outside these dwellings, especially in the cold season and likely waits for smaller animals to seek shelter to kill them. Vaaakoiz are also highly territorial and solitary. The only recorded accounts of multiple in the same area are fights to the death, so it is unknown how they mate.


Vaaakoiz make their dwellings in the coldest parts of The Outcropping, and are very rarely seen actively hunting for prey.

Interaction with Omneuttians

As they stay in their dwellings for almost the entirety of the cold season across The Outcropping and are highly territorial, Xiruen do now have much documentation on or interaction with vaaakoiz. This is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that the name “vaaakoiz” itself is not made up of any known words or phrases in Barzacc, but is instead a partial substitution of daekoiz.