Biological Information

Sz: 80-130 cm. | 35-51” (at back)
Wt: 45-150 kg. | 99-309 lbs.
Loc: The Blade
Tpt: Skittish
Prd: Sha’an

  1. Children of the Shadows

Horzab are hunted by shani for their furs and meat. Experienced shani hunt the horzab during the warm season on the lower plains for meat and pelts, while inexperienced shani will follow the pack down from the cliffs to collect shed fur.1

For many Reigns and Remnants of shani, horzab fur is the main source of fiber for cloth. This white fur is lost in the warming season by both males and females. All horzab additionally have humps that store water and cud, in addition to horns from their foreheads.1

Throughout the year, horzab live in loosely formed packs made up from small groups who stay within a few meters of each other at all times. Each of these groups in turn stay within visible distance to form the pack.1