The Cartographer

The fifth update for In Extremis’ current format is all about maps! With 19 articles, music, and more, this update will map out new content for In Extremis going forward. This update consisted of an update on March 28th, 2019, and augmented with a small series of content every six days until May 3rd. The Cartographer is so far the largest update to In Extremis!


Boasting a new redesign, the Maps article now highlights the different kinds of maps across In Extremis, complete with plenty of new illustrations to help you navigate The Known Universe!

Local Groups

Check back every six (6) days for a new group of articles about each section of Omneutta’s Local Groups. Each will have new artwork, articles, and music from the previously released Species EPs. These will run until Friday, May 3rd, all at 10am CDT. Along with new articles for each local group, the main page for each section of Omneutta will be updated as well, starting first with Divine Forge and The Outcropping

Cartographer’s Workshop

Check out a new YouTube single with the moving MIDItrail graphics, similar to the second version of Niuavi! This theme is constructed from many different themes already released, and navigates its way through a few Species’ musical territory. Hop on over to the Media page to snag the new desktop.


The first of many, check out a brand new article on the capitol of Pale Shores, Vanpog. Never a cultural center, Vanpog became a shipping and trading center not long after it became the designated home of the Avotoc’s O.L.A.H. Council memeber.

The Index

While not released, a new version of The Index exists. This new version (2.1.5) is halfway to 2.2 (hence the .5). What is halfway? Well, there’s not much new content in The Index–there’s a new section called Activities (all information previously available in 1.0), but the bulk of the change is some reorganization of page structures, and a lot of legibility improvements. Don’t worry, you’ll see 2.2 soon!

Other Update Notes

New Content:

  • Partially new, partially old content: several articles were updated with refined or entirely new maps: Davo, Zisdhalilci, Ohr, Hunziy (of Ohr), and Alekodst. These maps also have vegetation, and in the case of Hunziy, lava!
    • All location articles have also been updated/refined with consistent climate and geographic descriptions, which can be seen on the refined maps page
  • Poria and Turath articles have a new main image, which reflects their diverse cultures. Click the links to go see!
  • The Maps, Lyenn, O.L.A.H., Okattaupos, Eeniimar articles were updated with new headers (seen below)
  • Speaking of, the Lyenn were (finally) redesigned, and their article now reflects that!
  • The Menu bar has been revised as part of making navigation across the site easier. Check out the new “News” portion of the dropdown menu!

Other Content:

  • Articles updated with links to Vanpog:
  • Articles updated with links to the Xiruen Local Groups:
  • Articles updated with links to Avotoc Local Groups:
  • Articles updated with links to Kettlah Local Groups:
  • Articles updated with links to Poria Local Groups:
  • Articles updated with links to Quarryn Local Groups:
  • Articles updated with links to Sha’an Local Groups:
  • Articles updated with links to Turath Local Groups:
  • Tag cleanup: Omneutta, Gallants, and News were big messes
    • ‘The Gallants of Cyliajaca’ and ‘Gallants’ tags have been merged
    • Species tags were removed from their -Spaces’ articles
    • All tags now have internal descriptors, so hopefully less mis-tagging in the future
    • All Future Plans posts now have their own tag (and all use it)
    • News tag was attached to 43 articles, now 26; more judicious use in the future
  • Deleted a couple tags:
    • In Extremis
    • Facebook
    • Kickstarter
    • The Gallants of Cyliajaca (see above)