The Wilderness

The fourth update for In Extremis’ current format is all about wild animals! With 18 new animal articles, two new YouTube Singles, and more, this update will have you going wild. This update had new content every day from December 25, 2018 to January 1, 2019. The Wilderness adds a lot of singular-focus content in terms of animal articles, but they come from all around Omneutta!

The Wilderness

Check out the new ambient soundscape, the first of its kind among the YouTube singles. If you want one of the desktops, hop over to the Media page to the YouTube Singles section.


There are 18 new animals as part of this update, several of which are already up! Check them out here:

Other Update Notes

New Content:

  • The Index was updated to 2.1, which is mostly a reorganization of content into categories rather than strewn across the pages, so like-things are next to each other!
  • All 2014, and most 2015 Articles have been updated with new feature images (seen below in gallery). When you’re browsing by the article feeds, you’ll see them on the page as a quick visual distillation of the article, and they don’t clog the article on its own page.
  • Almost all of the 2015 articles have a header now–four are missing–and batches of headers will be added to the site every update.

Other Content:

  • Poria, Poria Races, Poria Culture, and Jibhaga have been migrated to Gutenberg as a very delayed part of the ScorchedĀ Surroundings update.
  • Speaking of Gutenberg migration, only Sentient Species-related articles remain, and articles that aren’t part of a series (like the Time article, for example)
  • Media page re-organized.
  • Index page updated to organized and Gutenberg