Scorched Surroundings

Update number three for In Extremis’ current update format is centered around the Poria. When I say around the Poria, I really mean it! There isn’t much directly about the molten Sentient Species in this update, but there’s plenty about their culture, stories involving them, and more! Scorched Surroundings adds a new lore book series featuring a known character, a new location in the new map format, a new YouTube single, and tons of artwork!

Roaming With Fire

Seven new books chronicle one of the many stories of the avoc Mis’Kelin (also known as Mik). In this series, Mik finds himself reunited with someone from several years prior and yet again in grave danger!

 A Day in Parallelium

The newest YouTube single is really a mix of five songs and three ‘event sounds’ put together to go from sunrise to sunset and back to dawn again musically. With ambience and a changing background to match the time, this is a new kind of YouTube single. Let me know if you want more locations done like this!


There are two new animal articles as part of this update, the Cukalls and the Daekoiz. The latter has an impact on the Roaming With Fire series, while the former is a general staple of modern/current Poria culture. Check them out today!


An article about the planet-star from the Roaming With Fire series, which follows Mis’Kelin on one of his many adventures. Find out more about the planet-star here! For more about that book series, check above.

Other Update Notes

New Content:

  • The Poria article has been updated with a number of new things and information:
    • A new header image (coming soon to other species)
  • Poria Culture updates:
    • An update to the Family section under Culture with relevant information in light of the Cukalls article
    • Updated artwork and information under the Architecture heading on the  (coming soon to other species)
  • Aganeihat article updated (and shadow added to artwork, see below for more)
  • A Day in Parallelium desktops
  • Mis’Kelin updated with birth year, information from Roaming With Fire series, and artwork shadow (see below)
  • Davo article updated with contour map

Other Updates: