Kettlah (pn. keht-lah) are fairly tall and most easily identifiable by the tendril appendages that can sometimes form wing-esque shapes from the backs of their arms. A large number of kets also faintly glow which is most easily visible in a dimly lit or dark area. Many can also commune with departed souls, though the skill does take time and training to control.



Biographical Information

Golden Deep, Vale ReefKets150 yearsLogophem


According to the fourth book of the Ontiba, the Kel, all kets descend from the first five made by Haket and Aster. These first five were gifted portions of Haket’s powers and tasked with aiding their parent Deity, with focused tasks that would ease his burden. One by one, the five left the land that Haket had made for them—the deep—and left to begin their own tribes. It is unclear how the five went from the deep to being scattered across Vale Reef, as four existing races trace their origins to disparate regions of the space that bears their name. Each of the five began a tribe and though the tribes would splinter as their population grew, every ket can trace their tribe of origin by their name. A ket’s surname is the first name, and its first letter indicates which of the five tribes they descend from. The next three letters in a surname are the name of the tribe—almost always two vowels around a consonant—and the final letter is always an h.


Physical Information

Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
1.98 m. 6′ 6″100 kg. 220 lbs.Eight Tendril-Appendages, Shape-Shifting Hands

Kets are fairly tall, but not as tall as Xiruen. The most distinguishing feature of a ket are the tendrils that form on the back of their arms. These tendrils are used to help Kettlah glide down from larger heights, so that they glide smoothly down. The other distinguishing feature of all kets is their ability to contort, conform, and/or morph their hands into and around any number of shapes.



Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
1.98 m. 6′ 6″100 kg. 220 lbs.Golden skin, White eyes

Keyni (pn. kA-nE) are the most common Kettlah, currently. Their rich, gold skin, and white eyes have come to signify all kets to Omneutta. Keyni are not predisposed to future-sight, nor interaction with departed souls. They are usually only able to learn one or the other.


Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
2.08 m. 6’ 10″107 kg. 235 lbs.Light-Gold skin, Thin tendrils

Maoni (pn. mA-O-nE) are considered to be the newest race of kets, and are naturally predisposed to learning both future-sight and communing with departed souls. They are the tallest race of kets on average. Their tendrils are noticeably thinner, and their skin is a faded, duller gold.


Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
1.9 m. 6′ 3″98 kg. 215 lbs.Dark-Gold skin, Short and thick tendrils

Roani (pn. rO-ah-nE) are theorized to be the first race of kets, directly descended from the original Kettlah who emerged from the Golden Deep. They are born with a natural predisposition to learning how to commune with deceased Omneuttians. They age more quickly, or have shorter lifespans due to their generationally frequent encounters with death. Their skin is a much darker gold, close to brown. Roani and their tendrils are shorter and stockier than other kets.


Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
1.98 m. 6′ 6″105 kg. 225 lbs.White-Gold skin, Long and thin tendrils

The Lueni (pn. loo-eh-nE) are the rarest of the known races of Kettlah. They are the only race predisposed to the ability of light manipulation, and some kets are reportedly born with the skill. They are also naturally athletically gifted, and can nearly fly. This ability likely comes from their origination in the local group Columns. Lueni luminesce more brightly than other races of kets, and their glow grows stronger the longer they are in direct natural light.


Niuni (pn. nE-ooh-nE) are a mythological race of kets descended from Niu, the Second Kettlah. They are said to have black eyes, and were the first race to learn how to see the future.



Logophem (pn. lO-gO-fehm) is a logograph (symbol) based language. Due to their ability to transfer ideas telekinetically between each other, a spoken version of Logophem was never adopted. As thus, the language consisting of symbols came to represent both abstract and specific ideas. There are no known pronunciations or words for the language, as kets can only translate each symbol into another language when communicating to other Omneuttians. It is well known that Logophem features determinative symbols for linguistic aspects such as tense, quality, quantity, and more.

Government and Social Structure

Kettlah live in tribes that are ran by the eldest member, regardless of gender. In a tribal setting, kets are considered newborn for the first ten years of their lives. During this phase, they are raised by the parents or the tribe at large if no parents are present. At the end of this phase they become members of the tribal council and make decisions on the fate of the tribe along with the eldest leaders. This not only matures young kets, but passes the knowledge and leadership ability from generation to generation along with keeping the eldest young in spirit. Kets are required to leave the tribe between 20 and 30 years of age and usually spend the majority of their lives outside the tribe. They may return to tribe leadership as elders if they so choose.
Both genders can bear children, though same-gender relationships will produce the gender of both parents. Mating is done by entangling tendrils. Certain sections of each tendril are for mating, and all eight tendrils of each ket need to be in contact with the section of the other ket’s tendril in order to mate. For seventy-nine weeks a parent caries the child on their back as it grows between layers of their skin. This extra weight leads to hunching as the child grows.


Kets are by default practitioners of Remiges, the philosophical practice that revolves around the questions of what to do when you have at least partial and accurate knowledge of the future. Kets particularly are at odds with other Sentient Species over other species’ beliefs regarding the—or an—afterlife. There are several denominations that differ on what to do with ones life after coming into possession of future-knowledge, as well as those who differ on what to do regarding sites of cultural and religious importance.

Relations with Other Species

Kets are welcome guests in nearly every nook and cranny of Omneutta, as they are required to leave the tribe early on in their life to make their own way. Though they typically wear little clothing such as the scarves seen below and often no clothing at all due to having no societal body modesty, they will readily wear clothing such the tunics seen below. Frequently, they will incorporate cultural clothing from wherever they currently reside.

Notable Members


Kettlah music is composed almost entirely of the drum that bears the species’ name. In recent times the manufacturing of this drum has been repeated with different materials, resulting in differing timbres, adding to the sound selection. Due to their mental communication, groups of Kettlah playing together can be in sync with each other despite not having a metric or rhythmic structure to build from. The mist that separates the tops of landmasses from the fertile grounds below has a pitch that varies from location to location as well, which is usually what tonal center music from the area is based in.

As part of a recent expedition, At’Ypx put together an album that represents Vale Reef, but includes the sounds of Kettlah music as well.


Though Kettlah as a whole are capable of space-faring, they prefer to build their structures with stone and glass still, and create large yet simple bridges to cross their worlds. Their aesthetic style eschews straight lines or designs that come to any sort of point; the surprisingly durable glass they make is multi-coloured and vividly bright.


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Vale Reef is one of the more mysterious locales in Omneutta. Most planets are separated into plateaus—flat rocky areas visible from space—and what is referred to as the Undergrowth. This separation is the result of a thick layer of cloud-like mist that is incredibly dense.


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Golden Deep is the original home of the Gateways and by extension the Kettlah. As much of the Ontiba and the Kel is unclear and vague regarding the creation and early history of the Kettlah, the entire local group’s status is consistently under debate.