Kouoh Sarom


Kouoh Sarom (kO-ooh-O sah-rawhm)
Biological Information
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate 898 A.T.
Species Kettlah
Race Keyni
Gender Male
Biological Information
Height 2.03m | 6′ 8″
Weight 106.1 kg. | 234 lbs.
Skin Colour Gold
Eye Colour Gold
Clothes Gallants Robe, Campaign Collar
Weaponry Longsword
Seen With Dai-Zamaar, Eleethea

Early Life

Before becoming a Gallant, little is known about Kouoh Sarom. Presumably, he studied the art of swordsmanship under one of the few remaining sell-swords in Omneutta, though his skill with the blade could be self-taught. His life before Cyliajaca is one of few things that Sarom is not willing to talk about.

Gallants of Cyliajaca

At the time we are introduced to the Gallants, Sarom is around 70 years of age. With a lifespan somewhere around 150, he is nearing the midpoint of the average Kettlah. Sarom is an experienced swordsman by this time who has been a Gallant for several decades. During this time he also picked up shield-work and has become proficient in this art as well.


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