Kouoh Sarom


Kouoh Sarom (kO-ooh-O sah-rawhm)
Biological Information
Birthplace Birthdate Species Race Gender
Unknown 898 A.T. Kettlah Keyni Male
Biological Information
Height Weight Skin Colour Eye Colour
2.03 m. | 6’ 8″ 106.1 kg. | 234 lbs. Gold White
Clothes Armour Weaponry Seen With
Gallants Robe, Campaign Collar None Longsword Dai-Zamaar, Eleethea


Before becoming a Gallant, little is known about Kouoh Sarom. Presumably, he studied the art of swordsmanship under one of the few remaining sell-swords in Omneutta, though his skill with the blade could be self-taught. His life before Cyliajaca is one of few things that Sarom is not willing to talk about.

Gallants of Cyliajaca

Main Article: Gallants

At the time we are introduced to the Gallants, Sarom is around 70 years of age. With a lifespan somewhere around 150, he is nearing the midpoint of the average Kettlah. Sarom is an experienced swordsman by this time who has been a Gallant for several decades. During this time he also picked up shield-work and has become proficient in this art as well.


Kouoh Sarom is a member of the Gallants of Cyliajaca, and was in the campaign A Door in the Mines. He has also made several appearances in the Rounds from the Route, Ed 5 series, as that chronicles the Gallants of Cyliajaca.


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