The Sixth update for In Extremis’ current format is about some of the various holidays celebrated around Omneutta! With six new articles, music, an update to the Index, and more, this update will help keep us festive all year round. This update ran from June 30 to July 3, 2019 to coincide with the Omneuttian Midyear Celebration. Festivity content release features the most musical content in an update so far!

MidYear Music EP

This technically goes into the YouTube Singles playlist, but it’s a brand-new EP! MidYear Music includes 5 tracks, four of which are from the MidYear celebration, and the last track is about End’s Eve. We’ll learn about these holidays soon, plus the artwork is over on the media page now!

Holiday Articles

  • Cylorok Rocyst: These four holidays include the MidYear celebration, two QuarterYear celebrations, and the celebration to end and begin the year, which have become their own holidays
  • End’s Eve: The official end-of-year holiday, think Halloween and NYE all rolled into one
  • Dawn’s Day: A typical new-year celebration, with lots of relaxing from the partying of the previous night
  • Saldov’y: Omneutta’s Leap-Day, celebrated once every 5 years as the last day of the year. It is celebrated with communal feasts, gift giving, and an emphasis on having balance in life
  • Days of the Gates: Less Holidays and more a series of Pilgrimages, Days of the Gates are the most important days for the Kettlah religion/philosophy
  • The Thawing: A day of celebration for Avotoc

Time Article Updated

The Time article has been updated to reflect the major holidays across Omneutta, including links to those listed just above.

History Page Updated

In addition to the Time article being updated, the History page/article has also been updated. As part of this, the content that was on the Before Time and After time articles have been collapsed into the History page, and the articles whose links have been updated internally are listed below.

Other Update Notes

New Content:

Other Content:

  • Featured Article: This update changes the article featured on the ‘About In Extremis’ page to the Kaeoubo article
  • Articles Updated with links to Holidays:
    • Religion, Time
  • Articles whose Before/After Time links were internally replaced with History sections
    • The Known Universe
    • Before The Wind, Gallants of Cyliajaca
    • Avotoc, Poria, Sha’an
    • Dai Zamaar
    • Skeli, Mis’Kelin, Lu’Sca
    • Kouoh Sarom
    • Naka yla Seljovh
    • Adry ‘Jowo, Ochra ‘Jowoby
    • Eleethea
    • Rey’ynar
    • Ohr, Davo
    • Religion
    • Reykata, Lyenn
    • Books
    • Pirates, The Gallants (org)