Dawn’s Day

New-Year Festival

End’s Eve
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Local rituals


Dawn’s Day was originally the second day of the last Cylorok Rocyst together with the day that became End’s Eve. Its roots as the second day in what originally was a middle of the year celebration for the Turath have more or less been melded into its current iteration or forgotten entirely.
Now, almost all Omneuttians across the Known Universe celebrate Dawn’s Day in their own unique cultural way, and these celebrations have changed over time. However, most celebrations involve flipping a large sandglass as End’s Eve ends and Dawn’s Day begins.


Celebrations such as feasts, dance, and games are less common on Dawn’s Day, though some cultures do include them. Generally, it is observed as a day of rest – especially in light of the festivities the night before – and to prepare for the year ahead. Most Omneuttians will head to a place or worship, whether local or a relatively large worship ceremony nearby to ask for a blessing for the coming year, and in some cultures to rid oneself or one’s family of any hardships endured over the past year. Many Omneuttians whether as part of worship or not will engage in some aspect of charity. A common practice is to give an item that one did not use in the last year or made little use of, to someone that could use it more often.
Local celebrations include those who are changing seasons, such as the Kettlah who begin the warming season around this time. Though the whole of Matriarch Grove begins the warming season at this time as well many Quarryn celebrate by traveling in groups to the coldest body of water available and quickly plunging in before drying out of the water as an act of ridding themselves of the cold. Inversely as the cooling season is ending in Pale Shores, Avocs will use the day to prepare crops that grow during only the cold season, as well as setting up barriers to safeguard from avalanches rolling down from the mountains.


Much like End’s Eve, many symbols are associated with Dawn’s Day. Traditionally, the circular sandglasses used for each of the four Cylorok Rocyst are seen, along with depictions of Astran (or another star-planet without continents) rising over the horizon. In sections of Omneutta where the holiday happens during a cold season such as Matriarch Grove, Parallelium, and The Blade, iconography related to the temperature or weather (such as snowflakes or ice) is used as well. Additionally, places that experience a change of season during or around this time of year often use symbols such as plants that will be planted soon, food that can only be harvested this (local) season or other flowers that bloom due to the temperature.
The many symbols associated with Dawn’s Day incorporate a bright pastel colour scheme that illustrate the first light of Astran of the new year. The scheme for Dawn’s Day takes the sand-yellow and pale-blue from the Cylorok Rocyst scheme and slightly desaturates and increases the brightness, and pairs them with shades of lavender and pink.