Cylorok Rocyst

Cylorok Rocyst


Four Equidistant Festivals


Originally, the four Cylorok Rocyst were uniquely Turath celebrations. Now they are known as the 1/4-year, Mid-year, 3/4-year and New-year celebrations. Each celebration lasted two days, with the first day to look back on the season that was ending, and the second day to look toward the next season and prepare.

The celebration that is now the Mid-year celebration was at one point the end/beginning of the Turath year, and was spread over four days in some areas instead of two. The 1/4-year celebration was to celebrate the transition from cooling to cold seasons, mid-year was to celebrate cold to warming, 3/4-year celebrated warming to warm, and the now-new-year was to celebrate warm to cooling seasons.

Over time, as more cultures began using the Omneuttian calendar agreed on by O.L.A.H., the celebrations were moved slightly to line up to be equidistant on the calendar itself. While the many Turath still observe the four Cylorok Rocyst, the festivities that other Omneuttians have spread back to The Hilt. Universe-wide, the two quarter-year celebrations pale in comparison to the festivities of the more recognized Mid- and New-year celebrations. Currently, the New-year celebration is recognized by O.L.A.H. as two separate holidays, End’s Eve and Dawn’s Day, while the Mid-year celebration is in some parts celebrated for four days.