The Thawing

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It is not clear how The Thawing was celebrated, or even when it was first celebrated, as the first recorded celebration makes mention of the traditions. Unlike other single-species holidays, there is no clear mention of the event(s) celebrated in The Ontiba or specifically the Dav. Some Avotoc say that the event celebrates Davoto clearing a large amount of Lieyos from the seas, some say from rivers that prevented them from fishing, others say it just represents the end of the cold season. One denomination of avocs in Aft Seas celebrate Davoto ending a nearly year-long cold season, which included Lieyos growing on water and land.


There are a few ways to celebrate The Thawing that are found across Pale Shores. In addition to celebrations honouring Davoto, nearly every community has some Lieyos passed down by leaders through generations, and on this day it is put in the center of the community and all are invited to attempt to melt it by hand, a feat only capable of being performed by a small percentage of the descendants of Sca. To go along with this test of heritage, many Avocs will perform Kaeoubo songs, complete with percussion and other instruments, as well as most water-side communities holding sand sculpture contests.
Other festivities that are not as widespread include fishing contests whose winning catches are offered to Davoto, Sailboard competitions, and in some parts of Pale Shores residents of many Planet-Stars congregate on the largest sea in the area and burn a wooden pyre in the shape of Lieyos crystals on the water. Though not a formal celebration, many young avocs will dress up as Davoto by crafting wooden replicas of his crown, wearing a breechcloth and cape, and finding a large stick in place of his staff.