Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans: Part V

The one about Bandcamp, music and the future of Chasing Shadows.

Remember this?

Well, this is that blog post.

The internet’s a great thing. It’s a platform for so many things, and there are many different platforms for the same thing. Which is great. Users of the internet have a choice. I’ve chosen to move on to the next installment of the In Extremis series. Wait, what?

Where I want to go from here is this: Over the next few months, I will be finishing the book, soundtrack(s) and artwork. I’ll still be giving you guys updates on the regular, as always with monthly wrap-ups as well. Not much will change on the website. What will change is the venue on how I want to share In Extremis.

Rather than going through kickstarter again, I will be releasing content (both paid and free) through Bandcamp. It’s a great website to purchase/discover music of all kinds. But what’s special about bandcamp is that they recognize a lot of musicians do more than just music– that’s where the book comes in. At this moment in time, I plan on releasing two versions of the book: .MOBI (for anyone on an Amazon platform) and .ePUB (for anyone else). These eBook versions of In Extremis: Chasing Shadows will be available on bandcamp along with the soundtrack(s). You’ll be able to buy what you want, when you want (for pretty much however much you want). I set the minimum price on bandcamp and if you’re feeling generous or feel that it’s worth more than I’m charging, simply pay more. It’s that simple. You pay what you feel it’s worth.

No physical book…? Well…not right now, no. In this platform, printing a bunch of physical books to ferry with me between school and home until they’re bought isn’t a particularly feasible option. I am looking into some other online stores that don’t print until the book is bought. If there’s demand for a physical copy, I want to be able to meet that demand. But for now, eBook is the way to go.

Speaking of bandcamp, I’ve already got some stuff up there. If you were part of the Kickstarter campaign, you would have had access to the free EP I released titled Environmental Atmospheres. That music is available on bandcamp now, again for free.

Now- the near future part. From now until the release of the book and soundtrack, I’ll be putting out some more EPs of varying content. I think it’ll be a nice surprise for you guys which one I’m putting out and when. I’d like to get several out before then, but I also do want to get the actual soundtrack(s) done as well. I’ve got one EP in the works right now that should be out soon, so we’ll see.

I’m (as always) excited about the future for In Extremis, and hopefully this new avenue presents new, cool ways for me to share things with you guys and gals.


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