Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans: Part IV

I’m back yet again with another rambling post about what I’d like to do in the future. Hopefully this post will be fairly concise and presentable, but I want to talk about both short-term future and long-term future. Unlike Part III, I don’t have any new music to tease you with, but I’ll talk about that too.

The new plan for the Kickstarter after the near success of the winter run is to go again near the start of summer, sometime in May or June. This time, the rewards would ship out in a month or two, sometime late July or early August, rather than the 5-6 month projected wait of the last kickstarter. That will hopefully get several copies of the book out the door and into the hands of you guys and gals, which is what I want more than anything. The plan was to work on the book over this semester anyway, getting it ready for final prepping and shipping- that will continue and continue to make prices lower as I chop off pieces of the book in editing that are superfluous. The music and art will also continue to be worked on, so you guys will have a better idea what the rewards will entail. I think having a couple pieces of music where it was the same clip between the standard and piano version would do wonders.

On to the long term: After an all-nighter recently, I had several epiphanies born from each other that involved some long term planning and that I had set myself up for exactly what I wanted to do in the long term without realizing it (just have to get off the ground in the short term). That being, after the successful completion (or getting out Chasing Shadows somehow) of Chasing Shadows is the next part of what was once one book. Part II of the Before The Wind plot-arc (Chasing Shadows is Part I) is Dead Run. Hopefully that can ride the success of Chasing Shadows out to a store front like Amazon or some other venue.

The real long term goal in all of this is after the two books I’ve told the public about, I want to continue writing in this universe. While returning to the same style of adventure that our current hero partakes is always an option, as a writer I want to try new things and write different kinds of novels all based in this same universe, not only to offer different points of view and different understandings of the universe itself, but to also to grow as a writer and try new things. Some of the stories I want to tell from this universe can’t be told in the same way as I’m telling the current story, while others could, but might be better in a different style.

The same idea applies to the music. Though I feel I’ve identified a presentation style that works well, each Sentient Species’ musical background gives me the opportunity to work with different forms and genres of music. So in a way, that long term goal has already been partially met, but I have more to learn about musical composition and form, so the music I make for the next book can be even more complex and different while still staying in my same presentation style.

One thing I love about this project, other than the opportunity to be creative across different mediums whenever I get the chance- is the diversity of creative ideas I can approach In Extremis with.


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