Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans- Update

Recently (last week I think?) I wrote about the timeframe for launching the kickstarter campaign for the book, which has been subsequently split into two books. This post should subsequently alleviate any confusion about that information, as well as update you on the timeframe of the kickstarter campaign.

Firstly, let me address the splitting of the book. Originally I intended the book to be pretty big- 34 chapters. It was going to be called Before The Wind. However, it was a little too ambitious, and so the book is now split into two 17 chapter books, Chasing Shadows and Dead Run. The two books collectively cover the “Before The Wind” plot-arc. The kickstarter campaign will be for the Chasing Shadows book, and the art and soundtrack related to the book. Ideally, that would enable me to fund the second book (Dead Run) on my own and make it available for purchase on sites like Amazon. If I felt that wasn’t viable, it could get its own kickstarter campaign with similar rewards as the Chasing Shadows campaign. But all that hinges on the success of the first campaign. 

Speaking of the first campaign, I’ve realized that I can in fact get things done in a timely fashion, including the initial draft of the book, the soundtrack and the artwork. I’m moving back home for the summer and will have ample time to work on the book then. Subsequently, I’ve moved up the launch of the kickstarter campaign for this holiday season (Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015). When I hopefully secure funding, I’ll be able to get the book edited, and create professional looking rewards. Those rewards, I’m expecting to send out a few months after the campaign in June/July of 2015, once the book is edited and printed, as well as the soundtracks are complete, and other media available.

I’ll post more about the kickstarter as it gets closer to that time, but for now the site should be putting more content up, with the occasional blog post for summary/update.


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