Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans

Before we move forward too much I’d like to make one thing really clear. My main goal for this site (other than hosting this franchise) is to drum up enough support to be able to launch and successfully fund a Kickstarter project for the book. Rather than talking about finances, I’ll speak about the time frame. I’m planning on launching this Kickstarter campaign in about a year- launching the campaign in late May 2015 likely, with it completing in late June or early July.

Originally the plan was to put out the whole plot-arc as one book that was 34 chapters long and around the length of “Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix” which was a pretty long book. As time passed and I got further into writing the story I realized I wasn’t going to be able to write the whole book, edit the book, compose the soundtrack and do art for the book in that time frame. So, I’ve decided to split the book in half and try my luck at kickstarter with half of the originally-intended project (17 chapters). No worries though, there was a cliffhanger built halfway into the book just incase I ever decided that 34 chapters was just too much. The art and music won’t be affected, as those for the most part haven’t seen the light of day and don’t subsequently need to be re-done in order to fit the new timeframe.

Speaking of the Kickstarter, let’s talk about the campaign. I’ve already been drafting the posting for a while now, and have some idea of what to do for my campaign video. The best part, the part that everyone is looking forward to- the rewards are pretty abundant, but I’ll be open to new rewards until the completion of the campaign (That’s over a year from now!). Some rewards are obvious, such as the book, but here’s some of the other ones I’ve came up with:

  • Digital formats of the book (.pdf, possibly MOBI and ePUB)
  • Digital and physical copies of the soundtrack
  • Separate piano soundtrack of piano arrangements (digital and physical)
  • Signed book
  • Signed (or unsigned) poster(s)

Along with some other surprises along the way- one which I might be able to reveal within the next week or so.

That’s all for now, folks.


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