Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans: Part VI

I once debated these becoming numbered installments, but I like the idea. It provides an easy way (if you so incline) to go back and look at the project grow over time. So, how is In Extremis growing now?

Well, with all the material for Chasing Shadows now available for purchase/viewing/listening, the next couple of projects begin.

First and foremost (what you’ll see most often on the site) will be the Information section of the website begin to grow. Articles about people, places, and things within the In Extremis universe. Specifically, the website will start to have articles about the characters first introduced within Chasing Shadows (there will be spoilers [and spoiler warnings]), as well as the places they travel.

Secondly will be the continued expansion of the material and lore of the In Extremis universe, posted about in blog posts on occasions. Concept art and rarely new musical themes will be posted and discussed in what detail is available. Some of this might come before and at the same time as the Information category grows.

Thirdly, I will resume development of the sequel to Chasing Shadows, In Extremis: Dead Run. This will be the conclusion of the Plot-Arc introduced within Chasing Shadows. The plot has already been laid out, as it was at one point a single book called Before The Wind. The writing and editing of the plot is the next step, and it will progress at a slower rate than Chasing Shadows was developed. I don’t have a time frame for release of Dead Run yet, though I’m sure there will be another Future Plans post about it at some point.

Next, as my growth as a writer continues, I’ve decided to start a hybrid Pole-Playing & Choose-Your-Adventure game called The Gallants of Cyliajaca over on SSLF (Saber-Scorpion’s Lair Forums). It hasn’t yet begun there, but if that is something that interests you, feel free to join. I will be posting the results of each campaign in the same format as the Ontiba once production begins. The Gallants centers around a group of adventurers (The Gallants) who reside in a building/fortress known as Cyliajaca. Omneuttians come to them in need of aid, and a few Gallants are chosen who fit the task. Then the adventures begin.

Finally, though this isn’t a project that begins, I have remade the Chasing Shadows Hub into a page with relevant information such as links to Purchase, as well as other relevant links around the web. The old Hub was full of announcements and dates that have now gone by as the central focus, and this new page is simplified and more accessible. It can be found here, or at the top of the page in the nav-bar under ‘Chasing Shadows’.


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