Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans: Part VII

Whoa! The website is different!

Yes. Markedly different, but not unrecognizable. In place of the blog roll that I have used for the better part of two years, there is now a static homepage. It features yours truly, along with a composition from In Extremis and one from my contemporary works. There’s now no subheading in the header (it used to say “Home of In Extremis”, if you don’t remember), and there are only two items in the menu. I might make that three, but we’ll see. This post might be a little on the longer side, in which case I’ll do my best to provide a good TL;DR at the end.

First, let’s talk about why the redesign was something I wanted to do. I like making music, art, and literature. Mainly music, and my collegiate career reflects that, as I am getting my B.A. in Music & Technology. In the future, I’d like this website to support my growing portfolio of music, in addition to being the home of In Extremis. I’d rather have one website than two, as long as I’m managing them myself.

My music is now under ‘Complete Works’ in the menu. It can also be accessed at any time from because things should be simple. Right now, I have the Chasing Shadows soundtrack up, as well as a piece for Trio I did last year (2015) called The Dress. Soon, a piece for Wind Ensemble, Mount Blanc, and a small ensemble piece, The Radio, will be up. Both pages will have more graphics from each project, as well as a bit of background information and (most) importantly, avenues to stream the music.

In Extremis is now the second half of the menu. If you click on the name itself, you’ll be taken to a roll of all posts under that category, just like how the website used to work. The About page got reworked to better reflect where In Extremis and Skeli’n Studios currently is, as well as to be more concise. The recently added Media page is under that- that’s your #1 stop for In Extremis wallpapers, be it for your desktop or phone. Come to think of it, I could put soundtrack covers up there too. Underneath that is where the menu starts getting fun. Plot-Arcs does take you to a little disambiguation page, and the plot-arcs themselves are in the menu to the right of that heading. You can go all the way down to Chasing Shadows under Before The Wind if you’d like. Information works the same way it always has, but now it’s sideways. Items, Omneuttians, and Locations is where you’ll find the articles. Finally, there’s a link to the bandcamp page where you can buy music.

So, now that I’ve explained where things are now, let me take a minute to explain where things are going. In the future, everything will be posted the same way they always have been, and if you’re subscribed to the site you’ll get your same notifications. The only thing that’s changed really is how you find things. You can still use the search feature when on a post or article, and the menu will take you anywhere you want. There’s even a nifty little categories feature in the side-bar now, and you can look at blogs if you want to look at the other posts in this “Future Plans” series. If you come here from facebook, you’ll still get those posts the exact same way you always have. Dead Run is picking up steam, and I’ve got two pieces to add to my works within the next couple of months. I’ll still be putting out articles for In Extremis, and soon you’ll see them transition from topics that are generalized information from the world, to small bits of information that tease about Dead Run.

TL;DR  I changed the website and the menu- which is now split between my professional music and In Extremis. New stuff is coming, pretty much everything is the same but in a different spot.


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