The Gallants

The Gallants



Guild Collective
Ldr: Originally Yscnajow
Est: 55~86 A.T., Duslady, The Hilt

  1. Through Time: Gallants

In the mid-first century After Time a turth named Yscnajow formed a traveling band of warrior-philosophers under the name “The Gallants”.1 The traveling band grew larger, and as they moved around Omneutta to settle conflicts as part-investigators-part-judges, Gallants began to stay behind across The Known Universe to train others in their ways, and erected Halls to serve local communities.

When the Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy formed, The Gallants were briefly employed by the bureaucracy as well as local omneuttians. Over time and due to a number of factors including OLAH’s use of Enforcers, the number of Gallants and Halls has decreased to the point where of less than 20 halls by the early 800s.1 Modern Gallants are still called upon and paid as hired muscle, investigators, and often times a mix of the two. Since the advent of the Halls and Yscnajow’s eventual death, the Gallants no longer have any central leadership, with each Hall’s Reuk tasked with communicating amongst each other.

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