The Gallants


General Information

Organization TypeGoalsLeaderEstablished
Guild CollectiveAid Local CommunitiesOriginally Yscnajow Currently Varies by Locale55~86 A.T.

Societal Information

Capitol/HeadquartersCurrencyReligious Affiliation(s)

Other Information

Notable MembersAlliesEnemies
Yscnajow, Ochra ‘JowobyN/AN/A


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Some time in the first century A.T., before the inception of the Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy, the Gallants was an organization formed to be warrior-philosophers who helped those in need. As a traveling band of warrior-philosophers, Yscnajow and his Gallants used their philosophy to deduce out the particulars of any conflict, along with punishment for those acting unfairly. Their warrior traits enforced these rulings, and often dealt with encroachments of the wild into territories of the Sentient Species.
With the rise of O.L.A.H., the Gallants transitioned to a reactionary force, temporarily employed by the bureaucracy to enforce their rulings before they found forces of their own, and later back to the role of warrior-philosophers. In modern times, the Gallants have no central organization but instead operate as several independent groups all with the same moral code and guidelines from their own halls.


As referenced earlier, the Gallants no longer have a centralized leadership and instead operate out of halls at the local level, with many of their remaining halls being several hundred years old. The number of halls is currently under twenty. Below, each hall is listed by name and briefly discusses the hall’s founding, along with location.


Founded in 225 A.T., the hall of Cyliajaca houses Gallants in Miatrzy, on a planet-star of the same name. It is the third-oldest currently operating hall of Gallants, and can hold no more than ten Gallants including its Reuk. Cyliajaca translates from Jistlek into ‘civilization’. It is unknown why the hall is the same word as the Turath word for civilization as a whole.


The oldest still-operating hall of Gallants, Lidoudyzn was built in 130 A.T. It translates to ‘building that births leaders’.


The newest operating hall of Gallants, it is the only hall build in the architectural style of Turath that featured a special blue glass known as sklo. Built in 604 A.T., Dresklojo translates to ‘tree of glass that grows warriors’.


The second-oldest currently operating hall of Gallants, Wodarom is known for its water features. The hall was originally built as a temple, but the ground underneath was too unstable to finish that design and it became a hall of Gallants in 184 A.T. The hall is on an island surrounded by water and also features a waterfall that runs through the building. Wodarom, fittingly, translates to ‘home of the water’.