Biographical Information

Unknown, presumably The BladeUnknown, likely A.T.Sha’anMale

Biological Information

HeightWeightSkin ColourEye ColourHair Colour
1.89 m. | 6’ 2″89 kg. | 196 lbs.BlackRedDark Red, Ash Red


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Daily Cloak, Ceremonial Robe, Rey’ynar’s MaskN/AStaffReykata


Before rising to power through manipulation of Reykata (discussed below), little is known of Rey’ynar, or his previous name. Seen on a couple occasions, his tribute to Sham’ayn—presumably made as a young Sha’an—was not offered and is instead on top of a staff. It is unclear whether or not his power is derived from the staff. During his rise to power, there were rumors that he was of the long-lost Reign of Vulpek. Rey’ynar strongly denied those rumors (mentioned in Warrior King, v. IV), and as the Reign has not been seen in several hundred years he is likely telling the truth.

Takeover of The Blade

As detailed in the series Annals of Dystopia, Rey’ynar began deploying infected Sha’an known as siefek throughout the blade by the year 920 A.T., and sent the Reykata in their footsteps shortly after. After nearly a decade, the Reykata had spread across The Blade, and Rey’ynar appeared, masquerading as a warrior who nearly single-handedly would eradicate Reykata. Between the destruction of the Reykata, and several Reign and Remnants leaders fighting over who discovered Rey’ynar, he was able to fill the power vacuum in The Blade. Before bringing the Reykata back swiftly and ushering in a dystopian future for the Sha’an, Rey’ynar proclaimed Sha’an-Space a meritocracy, then a democracy, as well as claiming to be building a palace for future generations and rulers of Sha’an in the Southern Ridge, with several tributes to Sham’ayn. It is unknown whether this has actually come to fruition.