—The current authoritarian ruler of The Blade and wielder of magiks, capable of controlling and possibly creating the Reykata.

Biographical Information

male, Sha’an
B: likely A.T., presumably The Blade
Ht: 1.89 m. | 6’ 2”
Wt: 89 kg. | 196 lbs.

  1. Annals of Dystopia

Before rising to power through manipulation of Reykata, little is known of Rey’ynar, or his previous name. During his rise to power, there were rumors that he was of the long-lost Reign of Vulpek. Rey’ynar strongly denied those rumors, and as the Reign has not been seen in several hundred years he is likely telling the truth.1

Rey’ynar began deploying infected Sha’an known as siefek throughout the blade by the year 920 A.T., and sent the Reykata in their footsteps shortly after.1 After nearly a decade, the Reykata had spread across The Blade, and Rey’ynar appeared, masquerading as a warrior who nearly single-handedly would eradicate Reykata. Between the destruction of the Reykata, and several Reign and Remnants leaders fighting over who discovered Rey’ynar, he was able to fill the power vacuum in The Blade.1