Deity Cloak

Deity Cloak
(dE-it-E klO-k)

2 kg.N/ACloth


OntauttCreated by Sham’aynHolds wearer to their Shared Form

The Deity Cloaks, according to the Ontiba was a byproduct of the medallions created by Sham’ayn. The Deity of Trickery crafted eight medallions that would bind each Ontautt to their Shared Form. In the process, this binding also created the cloaks. According to some religions, the medallions were eventually considered unnecessary, and despite their removal some Deities chose to continue wearing the robes when in their Shared Form.

The robes are white and trimmed with a colour that represents its wearer. The trim can be seen on the edge of the hood around the head, both sleeves, and a long, thin banner hanging from the right shoulder. The medallion was hung beneath the hood, and by ribbons bearing the trim colour.