DavotoChilling to the touch

Davoto’s Ice, known as Lieyos in Aevot, grow in blue-green crystals and are seen across Pale Shores, though not often. This ice is a manifestation of Davoto’s power over water and ice. His power is so great that this ice does not melt at a normal temperature, and usually only melts after a great number of years of direct daylight exposure, in addition to being dry. Any contact with water seems to make Lieyos un-meltable, unless directly acted upon by Davoto or another avoc wielding his power.
Many avocs have known to wield this power, the first being Sca and her son Lu’Sca, whose head features several protrusions of Lieyos growing from his bone, along with many avocs who wield the ability to a lesser extent. These lesser users have reported not being able to melt any Lieyos they grow, and this is reportedly the source of many clusters of Lieyos around Pale Shores.