The Shadows

The second content update for In Extremis is focused on The Reykata, the antagonistic force with a hive-mind-like appetite for destruction, their many forms, and other lore surrounding them. The Shadows update adds several new articles, a new YouTube single, a new type of map, and more!


The leader of the Reykata and current ruler of the Sha’an. Well, does an authoritarian, dystopian regime count as ruling? Sure. Regardless, here’s a new article on In Extremis’ first real villain.


This article could use a mighty fine refurbishing…so it got one! The Reykata got a much needed redesign that fits their status as both mindless fodder and a fearsome force. There’s a bonus gallery at the end since the images in the table are fairly small–and these images are scale to each other as well!

Rey’ynar’s Theme

While the artwork may be old, the music is new. Check it out on YouTube linked above, and grab the desktop if you need to here.


An article about the planet-star from the Annals of Dystopia series, which chronicled Rey’ynar’s rise to power and the immediate aftermath. Find out more about the planet-star here! For more about that book series, check below.

Other Update Notes

New Content:

  • Before Time– A short article with a timeline outlining events leading up to the Timekeeping Reset, garnered mostly from The Ontiba
  • After Time– A short article with a timeline outlining major historical events since the Timekeeping Reset
  • Sha’an Culture– This article has been updated with information and artwork on the Sha’an system of government: Reigns and Remnants.

Other Updates: