Annals Of Dystopia, v. VIII

Volume VIII of Annals of Dystopia
ClassValueOriginWord Count
History15-220 LottUnknown Sha’an, 935 A.T.300

Series Information

Dark Warriors, v. VIIFreedom, v. IX

Book eight in a series on the rise of the current Sha’an autocrat.


For most of Veauvas I made my camp in that alcove. Some time during my isolation I realized that Rey’ynar had told us from the outset of his reign that he was behind the Reykata. His new chosen name of Rey’ynar contained the suffix ‘ynar, of several meanings. It is used as an honorific mainly, affectionately, and sarcastically mainly by younger Sha’an. We all assumed the suffix was related to our plight and joy related to the Reykata and our rescue from them, respectively. Instead, it appears to either be a taunt to us for believing in him, or perhaps to the Reykata themselves as an elder—possibly parental—figure to them. It had been in front of us this entire time. Not once did we stop to question the name, we took it at face value, he was the Reykata Savior; we thought it translated as Savior from Reykata. Not during the sudden shifts from never having a species-wide government to a meritocracy, then democracy, then to an authoritarian regime; we never questioned the name.
I snapped out of my stupor and climbed down from the spire I had perched on, unknown if I had been seen by any Rydir. Knowing my food supplies I had been able to periodically scrounge from the tower I was in were drawing short, I hatched a quick plan. I would either die soon from starvation or the Reykata if I stayed on Alekodst much longer; what difference did it make if I died attempting to escape The Blade? I waited until the next time light crept upon the city and the Reykata retreated from our buildings to make my escape. I needed to get to our small floating continent, still tethered to a spire a couple towers away.