This Is/Not Me

for Multi-Percussion | Tom, Bottles, Metal Pipe | 6′ | 2019

In this piece, stem directions generally dicatate the hand used. Stems down refers to an instrument played by the left hand, where an upward stem is played by the right hand. This is to facilitate playing with the Tom to the right of the other instruments on a table. This layout can be flipped horizontally, and the stem/hand direction can be inverted so that the right hand is down, and left hand is up. From rehearsal letter F to the end, the hands are beamed together, as implements are shown through noteheads.

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You can fit a Clarinet in a suitcase. You can fit a Bassoon, in a case, in a suitcase. You can’t fit a Marimba in a suitcase. This piece uses different percussion instruments ranging from found percussion to instrumental staples to create a pice that above all, fits in a suitcase.

Program Note
Instruments and Implements

Small Tom, Small Terra-cotta Plate (Flat/Smooth & Ridged), Two Glass Bottles (Large&Small), Metal Pipe (Between Bottles in Pitch)

Dreadlock, Timbale Stick, x2 Moleskin Mallets, x2 Soft Cord Mallets, x4 Hard Cord Mallets

This Is/Not Me was premiered on April 29, 2019 at the Rogers Whitmore Recital Hall in Columbia, Missouri by Brianna Trainor