Splash Screen

for Vibraphone | 5′ | 2018

Two performers stand on either side of one vibraphone. It is strongly recommended that player 1 stand on the pedal side of the vibraphone (the side with naturals), while player 2 stands on the side with accidentals to minimize crossing of mallets.

The piece is performed by playing the A section, followed by one of the non-A (B,C,D, or E) sections, A’, one of the remaining non-A sections, then, A”, etc. until there are no more sections remaining to play.

Generally, the piece is to be performed with constant pedal, and a choice of where to lift the pedal is given to players. Additionally, while the tempos are given with a mood, players may use rubato and additional fermatas to handle mallet changes during transitional (AA”’) sections.

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This piece springs from two separate ideas I had for some time: a dynamically changing score that could start and and end with any of the material, and the idea of an instrument whose sound is affected by one performer while being played by another. These two ideas are reflected in the form and techniques respectively.

The piece consists of four sections and five transitionary materials, the former of which can be ordered by the performers’ preference. The transitionary materials must be played in a certain order before and after each section, giving the piece both a mobile/variable form and an aspect of developmental linearity.

Program Note

The following mallets are needed:

4 soft-cord mallets, 4 medium-hard-cord mallets

Splash Screen was premiered on March 8, 2019 at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, Missouri by Noah Petti and Darren Long.

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