Cycles is a series of 12 miniatures that can be played in a variable order. Any number up to twelve may be chosen to play, but must be played in consecutive order, with I coming after XII. For example, a performance could have four miniatures, numbers XI, XII, I, and II played in that order. There is no preferred ending to a performance, as each miniature is designed to lead to the next, including XII leading into I. As such, there is also no preferred beginning either.

Program Note


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  • Vibraphone
    • x2 Soft Yarn Mallet
    • x4 Medium Yarn Mallet
    • x3 Hard Yarn Mallet
    • Hard Rubber Mallet (or preferred mallet for pitch-bending)
    • Bass or Cello Bow

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Please allow up to 24 hours for .pdf orders to be received, and up to 10 business days for physical copies to arrive.