for Vibraphone | 1-20′ | 2018

Each miniature is to be played with certain impliments, and symbols representing these tools are at the begining of each miniature, along with notations when changes are necessary. A legend of these symbols is below.

In addition to traditional 2-, 3-, and 4-mallet work and bowing, several miniatures call for extended techniques. These are marked by special noteheads. Pitch- bending is notated with a diamond notehead, and is done while a note is ringing, requiring both pedal and the bar to be struck by either a mallet or bow before being bent. Pitch bending is also notated here with directional lines: an line moving away and down from the note indicate to start at the node and pull the mallet towards the center of the bar, lifting when the pitch begins to rise. Lines moving away and up from the note indicate to start with the mallet in the previous position (about halfway between the node and center when striking or otherwise activating the bar) and moving the mallet to either node or center to produce a rising effect.

Scores and parts in both physical and pdf formats are inscribed with the name or ensemble who purchased them and are yours to keep, forever. To purchase a listed option, inquire about rentals or study scores, commissions (or anything else) email mik[dot]skelin[at]gmail[dot]com.

Performers and/or ensembles will be sent a PayPal invoice, please allow up to 24 hours for .pdf orders to be received, and up to 10 business days for physical copies to arrive after purchasing.

Cycles is a series of 12 miniatures that can be played in a variable order. Any number up to twelve may be chosen to play, but must be played in consecutive order, with I coming after XII. There is no preferred ending to a performance, there is also no preferred beginning either.

Program Note

The following implements are required:

Soft Yarn Mallet x2, Medium Yarn Mallet x4, Hard Yarn Mallet x3, Hard Rubber Mallet (for pitch-bending), Bass or Cello Bow

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