The Index

Version History

VersionDate ReleasedDeveloper Notes
2.2Jul. 1, 2019

Includes content from The Cartographer Update: Local groups, and includes content from Festivity Update: Holidays.

2.1Jan. 1, 2019Third iteration of The Index. Reshuffled again into categories, making this easier to organize. The Categories are as follows: Animals, Enemies, History, Locations, Plot-Arcs, Omneutta, Organizations, and Sentient Species. The categories are organized in alphabetical order, where their sub-categories and articles are organized first by species order (Deity, Xiruen, Avotoc, Kettlah, Poria, Quarryn, Sha’an, Turath), and then by alphabetical order, or by alphabetical order first if sub-categories aren’t applicable to species order. Overall, less words; more pictures.
2.0Dec. 18, 2017Second version of Index. Scaled back to 22 articles. Much more artwork is now present in The Index, becoming the focus of the page. Many pages are now dominated by artwork, small and large. With a refinement of art styles and a visual identity in the middle of 2017, The Index needed to move to 2.0 rather than 1.1. The Index is now meant to be viewed in spread–two pages wide–on the computer, and could be printed as a coffee table style art book. The Index is now refined to showcase artwork and lore that does not make its way onto the site.
1.0Dec. 12, 2016Initial version of Index, 33 articles, 96 pages total. Current with Chasing Shadows – Major Characters only include characters from released novel. No Dead Run – exclusive information present. 1E and 3E content only. No Prophets material. Only notable exclusion (other than artwork) is extraneous information from the -Space articles that fit neither into the Omneutta article or the Species‘ articles. Will consider implementation in future versions.