Ankaya yla Matekha

Ankaya yla Matekha

(ahn-kah-yah yuh-lah mah-tehk-hah)

—Formerly a traveling artist, Ankaya is the newest member of the Ajika and handles the organization’s instagram presence.

Biographical Information:

nongendered yluiar, Poria
B: 953 A.T., The Hilt
Ht: 1.8 m. | 5’ 11”
Wt: 190 kg. | 418 lbs.

  1. Future Plans XIV Part 2
  2. Instagram 072220
  3. Ajika Application

Ankaya is believed to be born in The Hilt, though they have only said they grew up in the -space.1 It is not known whether Ankaya was raised by turths or pori, but they do refer to themselves as an “untraditional” pori, which some has taken as an indication that the pori was raised by turths.1

Working in a field completely foreign to pori culture is likely a result of growing up in The Hilt where artistic expression is cultivated and encouraged. Despite this, Ankaya has expressed feeling difficulty on finding their own views because of the two different cultures.2

Ankaya was contracted on the Ajika’s first two Expeditions (Rudimentary and Mistborne) and joined the Ajika as part of the Visage Expedition to provide more volume and variety to the artwork on the site.1 The call was for an artist capable of creating landscapes in wide aspect ratios, portrait illustrations, and running the visual aspects of social media, with a preference for artists with physical media simulation experience.3