—A second generation avoc, Lu’Sca went on to be cursed by Davoto by ferrying souls into parts of the avoc afterlife.

Biographical Information

male, Avotoc
B: ~390 B.T., Davo, Pale Shores
D: Immortal
Ht: 1.4 m. | 4′ 9″
Wt: 63 kg. | 138 lbs.

  1. the Dav

One of many avocs in the second generation to be born to avocs and not by Davoto’s hand, Lu’Sca was born to Lu and Sca from the first generation.1 He inherited some ability to manipulate lieyos from his mother Sca, and would eventually take over evenly spacing Davo’s graveyard from Lu.1

When Lu’Sca reached the age at which he was expected to take over the mantles of his parents’ responsibilities, he refused. Davoto responded to this by cursing the young avoc to an immortal life of servitude.1 His would be subordinate oversight of the afterlife, ferrying newly departed souls to the proper destination, and watching the avoc whose lives were mundane as punishment for his adventurous spirit.1

Lu’Sca was physically altered as part of the curse, growing lieyos from his face and around his head, as well as a mark that became known as “Lu’Sca’s Mark”, to signify avocs who broke the trust of Davoto.1