—Found abandoned and raised by Ochra ‘Jowoby, Dai is culturally a turth as much as she is a xiruen.

Biographical Information:

female xemgen, Xiruen
B: Before 890 A.T., unknown
Ht: 2.54 m. | 8’ 4”
Wt: 157 kg. | 346 lbs.

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Her age is unknown, though she was relatively young when Ochra found her when he himself was young.1 She is older than all of the active Gallants, making her at least 70. Many believe she is secretive or reclusive about her past but she has said before that she simply doesn’t remember anything earlier than meeting Ochra, and that even that period is difficult for her to remember.1

Dai is protective of the other Gallants, including Ochra, in many ways and is seen by some others as a parental figure.2 She is nearing the end of her adulthood as a xiruen and is believed by some other Gallants to be the leading candidate to replace Ochra as the Reuk of Cyliajaca should she outlast the turth who raised her.2