Xiruen (pn. sI-rooh-ehn) are the towering giants of In Extremis. They are most easily recognized by their four arms, stature, and the horns that most xiruens sport from their foreheads. Despite the menacing appearance, they are not entirely predisposed to violence as many other Sentient Species assume. Created in the image of their parent deity, Extiru, the Xiruen are often assumed to be pirates or other marauders, though this is not always the case.



Biographical Information

Unknown, The OutcroppingXiruens95 yearsBarzacc


Xiruen were the fourth Sentient Species to be created, after Avotoc, Poria, and Quarryn, According to the Ontiba, this was at the request of Extiru who was jealous of three other Ontautt for having their own Sentient Species. The Xiruen as a species have been divided since not long after their creation, organizing themselves into Realms and warring against each other for space and control across The Outcropping.


Physical Information

Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
2.4 m. 8′ 4″165 kg. 363 lbs.Four arms, Horn on crown of head

The Xiruen are most easily recognized by their large stature and four arms. In stature and physical prowess, no sentient beings are their equal. It is of note that their upper arms are smaller than the lower ones, for the most part preventing Xiruen from lifting things above their heads. This is because their upper pair of arms have no upper arm, instead the shoulder connects directly to the forearm. They have two ‘toes’ on each foot for lack of a better term, a smaller squarish toe and the rest of the toe area connected. They are known to use their hands to carve out their rocky dwellings, so their bones must be very strong, at least in their hands.



Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
2.4 m.
8′ 4″
165 kg.
363 lbs.
Rounded head, Straight neck

Xeviin (pn. saeh-vihn) are the most abundant race of Xiruen. Their most obvious distinction is their rounded heads. These heads also feature the largest eyes of all Xiruen, as well as the only straight necks. Their eyes have grown over generations due to their tendency to live in darker environments further inside rocks than other races.


Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
2.4 m.
8’ 5″
168 kg.
370 lbs.
Conical head, Long upper-arms

Xemgen (pn. saehm-gaehn) prefer to carve their homes in the sides of cliff faces. Though they still only have one bone between shoulder and wrist on their upper arms, it is the longest among Xiruen. Their chins also have a small protrusion at the base. Due to the amount of time they spend outside, their eyes are the smallest among the three races.


Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
2.4 m.
8′ 4″
170 kg.
375 lbs.
Round head, Small chin

Xegoir (pn. saeh-goyr) are more of a mix between the two races, in many aspects. They tend to build into rock and then down, as opposed to building floors up or climbing structures to begin with. Their horns are notably shorter and thinner in both genders.



Barzacc (pn. buhr-zuhks) is a language that has evolved over time to incorporate variations from multiple Realms. The language is no longer defined rigidly in width, height, or spacing between letters and words, but in general shapes that make up each letter. As a result, there are several scripts that exist of the language.

Government and Social Structure

Xiruen are organized into Realms. Each Realm is ruled by a Rex. The structure below a Rex is messy to make applicable to all realms, but accomplished Xiruen—whether in trade or battle—often have higher status than ‘normal’ citizens. Below normal citizens are those who have left the society of Realms for academia. Below scholars are those who have been spared by the Rex in solo combat, and finally those Xiruen who have broken the laws of the Realm, which are usually few but all-encompassing.
Family dynamics are long-gone from Xiruen culture, though they did exist at one point. This is mainly visible via given names, and the continued existence of monogamous relationships for most Xiruen. Names are given to newborn Xiruen by their parents and are frequently one parent or the other’s name. If a child has the same given name as a parent and is the same gender, modifications are made to the name to reflect such.
Xiruen do sexually reproduce, with the mothers carrying the fetus for fifty-eight (58) weeks. In Xiruen communities without easy access to technological advancements of other Sentient Species, childbirth is still an often painful and life-threatening procedure.


Xiruen are ritualistic more than spiritual, putting their stock in superstitious actions that have produced favourable or at least non-negative results in the past several times over. One of these is their death tradition of Ukhlin Thuim, where the dead are placed on a pyre and pushed off the edge of a continent towards the star-core. Glorious deaths for powerful Xiruen go through the same process, but down a waterfall towards the star-core.

Relations with Other Species

Xiruens can be hostile to those defined as outsiders, which can even include other xiruens. The entire local group of Pan Arbnhap is more or less off limits to everyone other than the xiruens who already live there. Those who have grown to live in other cultures or elsewhere across Omneutta other than The Outcropping integrate well.

Notable Members


As Xiruen culture is disparate, there is no room culturally for music making and any previous traditions of making music have vanished from their culture. Music published depicts The Outcropping as a whole, or specific locales.


The Xiruen’s relationship technology is complicated. The Outcropping is not rich with materials for high-technology goods, so much like the Sha’an they dismantle already existing technology or cobble together remnants of discarded tech. Metal is an important resource to the Xiruen and is used in weapons, armour, and transportation. However, metal is secondary to cloth as a valuable material, as any xiruens wanting to wear metal armour must insulate their own skin with cloth to avoid burning themselves from the hot metal on their skin.


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The Outcropping, also known as Xiruen-Space, occupies Omneutta from just outside Astran-Space to the furthest reaches of The Known Universe in that direction. Overall, The Outcropping is as brutal as its inhabitants and is a dry, arid locale where only the shadows are hospitable to most. Most “rock” that dominates the worlds of The Outcropping is actually hardened vegetative material, a special kind of plant family that grows slowly overtime towards prolonged sources of light.