—Sometimes mistaken for sentient vegetation rather than mortals, Quarryn are by and large naturalists.


Homeworld: Unknown, Matriarch Grove
Pn: (kwahr-ihn)
Pl: quarryns

  1. Ontiba 6
  2. A Warning on Mixed Relations

All quarryns descend from three fraternal sisters born from the same egg of Quarrnyl.1 She specifically requested from Aster that she be allowed to give birth to offspring directly, intending to have them one at a time. When the three emerged from her first egg, she deemed these first three Quarryn the triumvirate rulers of what would come to be her realm.1 The first few generations of Quarryn looked unlike those that exist presently, with smooth skin, functioning eyes, and an—otherwise from their green skin and three legs—humanoid appearance.1


Due to their eventual loss of eyes, their other senses have heightened, specifically the senses of touch and hearing. At 1.6 m. (5’3”) and 66 kg. (145 lbs.) on average, they are one of the smaller species. Their lifespans are the shortest among all species, at only 60 years on average though they begin a process similar to wilting many years before.

Like many other races, their differences stem from generations of living in different environments.2 Goilee (pn. goy-lE) are the most abundant quarryns for an unknown reason and are a deep green, with branch-veins that form long pointer/third fingers. Uiiseg (pn. U-I-sehg) have small gills on their necks, bluer skin, and have softer, spongey branch-veins. Craob (pn. crawhb) are a dark green with smaller, segmented branch-veins, long fingers, and longer feet.


The Quarryn government revolves around the Triumvirate, passed down from the original three quarryns.1 Each of the three has a special artifact from across Omneutta, specially chosen by Quarrnyl to connect her offspring to the world around them.1

Quarrnyl is normally worshiped on the same level that other Sentient Species worship their parent Deity, though there is a significant denomination of quarryns who view her as a mother-nature, patron-saint figure rather than an all-powerful being to be worshipped.

In their native lands, quarryns seem to prefer to remove themselves from outsiders, leaving other omneuttians to build their own structures underneath gigantic trees grown for this purpose. Across Omneutta, quarryns do their best to adapt to the customs and practices of the locale, though no quarryns will eat meat.

Though they have the intellect and resources, they have little to show for technological progress save for their ships. Quarryns design large, round ships to travel through space that some speculate are alive. Otherwise, they tend to make most of their societal advancements naturally, and their extensive knowledge of medicine is entirely alchemical.

Taenglaa (pn. taehn-glA) used to be a much more visually elegant language, with fewer characters before the Quarryn lost their eyes. Over generations, the characters of the language were simplified into straight lines that the Quarryn could feel, while simultaneously adding new characters to represent through inflections and pronunciation what facial and body expression no longer could.

The musical tradition of the quarryn is relatively new to their culture, originating several hundred years after their eyesight was lost. Perhaps because their language was forced to adapt with new sounds and inflections, some Quarryn have taken to music creation.


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The dense section in the middle of Quarryn-Space is home to over half of the Quarryn in Omneutta, with the rest of Matriarch Grove and Omneutta containing the entire other half of the species. Due to the sheer amount of plant-life across the space, most of, if not all of, Matriarch Grove’s planet-stars and star-planets are extremely humid.

The first three Quarryn were born on Astran, specifically on Paotaim.1 From there, Quarrnyl sent them “to the trees”, which likely meant the first planet-stars in what would become Matriarch Grove.1 It is likely this planet-star would be within Elder Greens or Withered Woods.