Biographical Information

Davo, Pale Shores~390 B.T.AvotocMale

Biological Information

HeightWeightSkin ColourEye ColourHair Colour
1.4 m. | 4’ 9″63 kg. | 138 lbs.WhiteDark GrayBlue-Green Ice


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Captain’s Clothes, leather wrapsNoneCane of AyokoDavoto


Lu’Sca was born in the second generation of Avotoc, to two first generation parents, Lu and Sca. His father Lu was tasked by Davoto with making sure that the graves in the GreatSea were evenly dispersed, and this task would be passed down to his son Lu’Sca. His mother Sca was an Avotoc gifted with the ability to manipulate the blue-green ice crystals synonymous with Davoto. Sca passed down some of this ability to her son. With some ability to manipulate the ice crystals, and a responsibility to evenly space the graveyard of the GreatSea, Lu’Sca had a busy childhood. However, as he grew older he did not want to accept the responsibility passed down from his parents to him, and fancied himself more of an adventurer instead. When Lu passed away and Lu’Sca had to accept the responsibility, he refused. Davoto noticed that the responsibility was not being fulfilled and punished Lu’Sca for not fulfilling duty passed down to him, but also not performing sacred duties bestowed by Davoto himself.

Davoto’s Curse

As a result of his desire to be an adventurer rather than accept responsibilities bestowed by his father and Davoto, Lu’Sca was cursed. Davoto made the Avotoc immortal and ever-aging, in addition to forcing him into responsibilities. Lu’Sca’s new responsibilities were to be held until the end of time or until Davoto saw fit—Lu’Sca would oversee the Avotoc afterlife, Efteta. Lu’Sca must ferry newly deceased souls from the beginning of the Avotoc afterlife to their respective destinations depending on how they lived their life. When not ferrying, he was confined to overseeing the average dead-souls, those Avotoc who did neither wrong nor right in their life. Davoto saw watching the boring as punishment fit for yearning for adventure.

Lu’Sca’s Mark

Physically, Davoto altered Lu’Sca. He grows a beard made from Davoto’s Ice crystals that grows longer over time, and gains weight, slowly causing Lu’Sca to bend over with a hunched back. These same crystals grow slowly out of the back and sides of his head as well, though they are often covered up by his captain’s hat. Atop his head, Davoto left a mark that represents the Avotoc who break the trust of Davoto, a fabled mark which no Avotoc wants to recieve.

Cane of Ayoko

Main Article: Cane of Ayoko

The Cane of Ayoko (seen at top) does give Lu’Sca some control over the realm of the afterlife, though the entire realm is ultimately controlled by Davoto. The Cane is made from two bones fused together, connected to a crystal of Davoto’s ice. The cane gives the wielder the ability to kill any Avotoc who are not departed souls that are in Efteta (the Avotoc afterlife), as well as some scaled-down versions of Davoto’s abilities, should they be needed to maintain Efteta. The cane itself is also used as a control for the rudder of Lu’Sca’s ship that ferries departed souls to their destination in the afterlife.


  • Lu’Sca’s story is told in many books of The Dav, also known as Section 3 of The Ontiba