How The Known Universe Works

This article is to serve as an introduction or refresher into how Omneuttians have agreed to organize time. In addition, the article covers the fundamental aspects of Omneuttian time that are observed—such as the length of a day—rather than organized.


Compared to Earth Time

To summarize, Omneuttians have since agreed to organize their days in increments of 100 rather than 60. There are 100 seconds in a minute and 100 minutes in an hour. In terms of seconds, the length of an Earth and Omneuttian day are fairly similar, but due to Omneuttian hours being 100 minutes with 100 seconds each, there are only 8 hours each day. The years end up being fairly similar as well, with Omneutta even having a leap year every 5 years.

ValueEarth TimeOmneuttian Time
Minute60 Seconds100 Seconds
Hour60 Minutes100 Minutes
Hour (sec)3,600 Seconds10,000 Seconds
Day24 Hours8 Hours
Day (sec)86,400 Seconds80,000 Seconds
Year365.25 Days393.2 Days
Year (sec)345,575,000 Seconds314,560,000 Seconds

Calendar Year

The calendar year is based off of prefixes and suffixes of the language of the Deities. -uvas is the suffix for month, and each month has a different prefix based on what the month is named after. The calendar was created sometime in early A.T., by the early OLAH when creating a governing body. Evtuvas and Esiuvas are known as the twin months due to their identical length; Bosuvas is known as fear month due to lingering fear from the Timekeeping Reset. At the time of the calendar’s creation, it was common practice to pray at the end of each year for the Ontautt to allow the Sentient Species another year. This practice, along with ceasing all work to worship for the duration of Ontauvas have both fallen out of favour over time.

MonthAbbreviation# of Days

Days of the Week


The days of the week are named after the Deities, since there are eight days in a week. Astepa was named after Aster and is considered a day of rest by all sentient species- most businesses are closed for the day. Ruepa is named after Extiru, Dauepa is named after Davoto, Keuepa is named after Haket, Porepa is named after Porrair, Qurepa is named after Quarrnyl, Hauepa is named after Sham’ayn and Taruepa is named after Taruthe.


There are a number of different holidays celebrated throughout Omneutta across the year, some involving all Sentient Species while others are a single species’ celebration.