Topographic Map of Zisdhalilci




NoneNonePlateau, Mountainous HighlandsOne


According to a document found by the Ethno-Archaeology team from the Egur-Yeil Institute of Advancement, Zisdhalilci was once the home of a thriving city of pori known as Tcir dul Caerta. The documentation found by the team leads them to believe that the city was occupied shortly after the Timekeeping Reset, yet the naming convention of the city does not match Poria standards of the time. In addition, no record of this city or any civilization from this planet-star exists anywhere else of record. The team investigates, documented in the Roaming with Fire series.



At one point, the planet-star was said to be populated by Poria in an early settlement known called Tcir dul Caerta. Now, the city is left in ruins and populated by a handful of Daekoiz. It is unknown whether the pirates encountered in Roaming with Fire, vol III live on Zisdhalilci or followed the researchers to the planet-star.


Seen on the map above, Zisdhalilci is a small planet-star, with few features. On the eastern edge sits a plateau and lake, both named Zisdhan after the planet-star. The lake falls into a river, which cuts the continent in two, with the plateau slowly sloping down into the river’s delta on the southern side, and plains with small hills to the north.