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  1. Piracy, a History
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  4. Survey: On The Likely-Before-Time Artifacts Plundered Near Egur-Hlasarl

Piracy is believed to have begun in Omneutta sometime in the 400s of After Time.1 This time brought a rapid increase in the number of omneuttians with access to space-travel. Omneuttians were generally more wealthy than at any previous point in history, presenting a long list of potential targets. Would-be pirates also had more widespread access to the technology to put themselves in space. Subsequently, there were more vessels in space worth being robbed, and more pirates capable of doing so.

The goal of a pirate, their captain, and their crew is simple: acquiring wealth in whatever means necessary. For most pirates this means operating a ship and either attacking targets in open space, or stalking a ship or target and attacking when landing or departing.3 Pirates have no known organizational structure, meaning that there is no overarching leader or known centralized location. Rather pirates seem to move from one planet-star to another in search of towns or establishments where they can operate with impunity.2

Notable PiratesLifespanNotable For
Elardi HizredinLikely 400s A.T.Attacking a large Rux flagship
Lasni-Bohat-PodahEarly 500s A.T.Stealing Wayfarer map prototype
Ce’Tus588-660 A.T.Porrair‘s Crown (alleged)
Le’Tus807-912 A.T.“Last Great Avoc Pirate”

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