Biographical Information

OntauttMaleBiped Lion

Religious Information

TitlesDomainsHoly Text
Lord of Fair Trade, The FulcrumBalance, Justice, MagicThe Ath


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Deity Robes, Leather Tunic, Caped SmockMetal SpauldersStaff of BalanceOntautt

And He said to Taruthe: Know balance, and apply the laws justly. Use the magics of others wisely.

Aster, Whispers

Taruthe is often called the Lord of Fair Trade around Omneutta, as well as the Fulcrum—since his role among the Ontautt was to ensure balance. Taruthe is the source of balance in Omneutta, and in cultures that have laws he is viewed as a patron of Justice, which often takes many forms.


The turths do not find much point in worship of Taruthe generally, though there are some denominations who feel otherwise. Most groups of Taruthe worshippers believe that the balance during their mortal lives is tipped in their favour—such that those who have been born into hardship, poverty, or otherwise struggling due to events out of their control would find eternal bliss and happiness to counterbalance their experience in an afterlife. Some Taruthe worshipers practice giving time, money, or goods to such an extent that they find themselves on the edge of poverty in a practice sometimes called “Charity Worship”. Much like the Crater Stones that honor Extiru, those who pay tribute or worship Taruthe find themselves at Stone Circles, whether natural or omneugenic.


Taruthe is usually depicted with his staff, which itself is not the artifact of power. Instead, two artifacts make up the staff, the ring at the top, and the prism at the bottom.

View of Sentient Species

Taruthe’s views on the Sentient Species are rather peculiar, in light of the fact that he never asked for one to be made in his image. Overall, it is believed he is benevolent in seeking to create peace and justice throughout the universe. Since the majority of Omneutta is peaceful, Taruthe is likely pleased with this. However, Taruthe is very much a stickler for tradition and the “natural order”, as it pertains to balance. It is theorized that too much technological advancement could anger Taruthe, who could destroy mortal beings in the name of preserving the natural order. Other Omneuttians propose he would be more benevolent, adapting to the nature of the Sentient Species themselves.


Statues of Taruthe often dot the landscape of The Hilt, and his symbols are hung in places which practice some sort of law around Omneutta. It is believed, at least through the statues, that he can impart justice through the bodies which administer it.

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