Quinquennial Communal Event


Situated between End’s Eve and Dawn’s Day, it is not a time to look back or forward, but to be grateful to those in the present, and to spread joy, wealth, and above all balance. There are three main celebrations that are observed Saldov’y. The first is gift giving and happens during the light hours of the day. The second celebration consists of an individual lighting and placing a candle by a tree without leaves as the light of Astran fades at the end of the day. The third and final portion occurs once the light of Astran has faded, where entire communities will cook and eat a large feast together.

The traditions of Saldov’y themselves predate the holiday, coming from an amalgamation of Turath holidays around the year or that were held non-annually. When the O.L.A.H. was formed late in the first century A.T., the early Turath government decided to combine several local holidays into a singular Turath holiday celebrated once every five years on the leap day.