Days of the Gates

Days of the Gates


3 Days of Pilgrimage


Perhaps the oldest holiday or set of holidays in Omneutta, the Days of the Gates are directly related to the events of the Kel. According to Book 4 of the Ontiba, the abilities of the gates that lie somewhere within Golden Deep transfer more readily to Kettlah on this day, due to the energy of Ibausec being at its closest or furthest on the first and second days.

Less of a celebration and more a series of observances, Kettlah are expected to travel back to their birthplace, if financially and physically able. Those who cannot observe a silent day without movement in meditation. Whether a ket can make it to Vale Reef or not, most typically fast from first light of the day to first light of the following day. Those who can make it back to their home tribe make a much shorter pilgrimage to their tribe’s gate which for the day acts as one of the two gates in the Golden Deep.

The Day of the Third Gate is observed by a smaller portion of Kettlah tribes, as there is not a third gate mentioned in the Kel. This hypothetical Third Gate is that of the present, and would in essence enable one to exist somewhere else at the same time. With the first two days being set based on the relationship between the physical locations of the Golden Deep and Ibauesc on Astran, the Day of the Third Gate was set so that all three days would be equidistant.