End’s Eve

End’s Eve


Annual Festival (44 Bosuvas)


End’s Eve was originally the first day of the middle Cylorok Rocyst together with the day that became Dawn’s Day. This celebration marked the middle of the year for the Turath calendar. However, the holiday this is now End’s Eve is likely an amalgamation of several cultural end-of-year festivals which may not have always been celebrated at this point in the year, but after the adoption of the Omneuttian Calendar by O.L.A.H., several festivals seemed to have been moved onto this date whose practices are now observed outside of their original communities.

One aspect of the holiday that takes many forms is whether or not the Deities will allow the Sentient Species another year, which is observed by rituals of penance, public (though sometimes in jest) displays of Deity-fearing, or gratitude to the Eight for allowing the current year to have transpired fully. Another aspect is something to do with those who have passed away in the previous year, whether this is in remembrance of the life they led or to express grief at their loss. These rituals take many forms including but not limited to dressing up in deceased friends’ or relatives’ clothes and acting like them for the day, visiting where remains are stored (in applicable cultures), and decorating the exterior of a dwelling with their belongings or other mementos.