Dawn’s Day

Dawn’s Day


Annual Festival (1 Pwuvas)


Dawn’s Day is a festival celebrated across Omneutta that highlights each new year with relaxation, worship of the Ontautt, and other local rituals. Generally, it is observed as a day of rest – especially in light of the festivities the night before – and to prepare for the year ahead.

Dawn’s Day was originally the second day of the last Cylorok Rocyst together with the day that became End’s Eve. Its roots as the second day in what originally was a middle of the year celebration for the Turath have more or less been melded into its current iteration or forgotten entirely. Now, almost all Omneuttians across the Known Universe celebrate Dawn’s Day in their own unique cultural way, and these celebrations have changed over time. However, most celebrations involve flipping a large sandglass or other large symbolic item as End’s Eve ends and Dawn’s Day begins.